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    270 to 220 progress pic

    Hi everyone I want to thank you all for the great knowledge about lifting and nutrition. Built you are amazing in the wealth of information and the effort you put forth to get us fatties lookin better.

    I know I am not where I want to be but I can sure say that life has definitely changed for the better and I am keeping on track.

    Chris and the Staff at At Large Nutrition thanks for the excellent products. I religiously use Nitrean and Opticen (After Workouts) to help my body recouperate and build muscle. Your products have defintely played a huge part in keeping my protein intake at adequate levels.

    Some notes:
    Yes I know I have a ways to go.
    I am 6'1".
    I definitely have a man mane going on and I am proud of it. Aside from the usuall trimming, NO shaving for me, my face and head are all I can handle.
    Since everyone wants to see leggies I included a pic.
    Resolution sucks (used my phone) since my ex girlie stole my digital camera Gonna buy another soon

    Update 11-21-2006: Ok 5 months have passed since I posted my original pictures. I figured I should take pictures BEFORE the holiday eat everything and its mother philosophy kicks in.....hehe. I do not see much of a difference in 5 months, although maybe my arms are fuller and shoulders are getting fuller as well. I am at about 234 right now up from 220. Maybe old age is finally filling in the gaps I really should have taken 5 month progression pics from the start but hey I learned from my mistakes.

    How about a guess on bodyfat? Could someone maybe help me out on that? I am guessing at least 25%? I have always been a fattie so getting super cut abs are definitely not on my list. I do however would like to get as close to possible as I can. I have been lacking on tracking my fitday but come the new year it will be my goal to keep it as up to date as possible so I can get an idea of my macross. Then I will have to hit up Built to give me a hand.

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe Holiday Season
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