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Thread: Feeling calve exercises in the area below your calve.

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    Feeling calf exercises in the area below your calf.

    What would a person be doing incorrectly if they felt standing/seated calf raises in the part of their leg directly below the calves. Kind of like in the 6 inch space between the back of your ankle and the bottom of your calf.


    P.S. Is it normal to have these crazy/insane red marks on my traps after doing standing calf raises?
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    Red marks are common with padded shoulder devices.

    IF you're feeling calf exercises in the achillies, that means your doing them too fast. Stop at the bottom of the movement and relax your leg. It takes up to a few seconds for elastic tension to release from the tendon. You will use a lot less weight.

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    It could be his soleus getting hammered as well, which is a good thing. Seated calf work hits it especially hard.


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