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Thread: How many of you have made goals for this year?

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    *innocently whistles*

    *pinches Tryska in the a$$*

    *runs away*

    I had forgotten that resolution.
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    dammit! I forgot about the asskicking resolution.....thanks for reminding me el pietro....

    *totally loses it and punches el pietro in the nuts. then kicks his ass*

    *flies off*
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    -Compete in a local BB show
    -Get engaged
    -Sharpen my writing skills
    -Read more ( anything I can get my hands on)
    -Compete at a weight of 176
    - Bulk up to 220
    - Travel to Japan
    - Get spiritually stronger
    - Get a hold of my finances
    - Help out more at WBB
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    I already listed my lifting goals in my journal, but I'd like to get bigger, lower my bf% and keep it low.

    I'd really like to keep learning about nutrition and training (from WBB obviously).

    Sometime this year I'd like to get certified as a personal trainer once I move into my apartment and figure out how much extra money I'll have.

    I'd like to take some business and art classes at the local community college.

    I'd like to see WBB become one of the premiere resources for bodybuilding on the net; which I think it already is.

    And finally, start getting enough rest/sleep everynight.

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    Goals ( The order doesn't mean importance ) :

    1. Reduce my bodyfat ( right now i'm on a strict diet, cardio and weights, seeing results, and happy because i'm seeing progress )

    2. Increase the number of offices in other cities of my business

    3. Find a girl to start making plans for wedding.

    4. Have more quality time with my family

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    Originally posted by Cackerot69
    Get laid.

    Fook my teacher
    are these two related
    half the time I have no idea what you're talking about. the other half, I'm not listening.

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    Moisturizing kimpy's face.
    Sort of.

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    The Nasty Nati
    *Get up to atleast 150 lbs
    *Bench-200 lbs
    *Deadlift-400-450 lbs.
    *Keep my gpa up as in hopes of getting a full ride somewhere.
    *Play football and knock the **** out of some people
    480x1 deadlift
    315x5 squat (atf)
    260x1 bench

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    main goal
    and getting a fookin job! me reap of what I sow....

    and BOOM goes the dynomite!

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    Between a girls ties!
    I was to fook my teacher, ehm...he is like 60.
    A big thanks to all my friends in the USA, I am deeply grateful for your hospitality and kindness.

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    Trying to get him back uh rock !!
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    Between a girls ties!
    getting him back, nah I felt I was a bit "big" for him, He would "fit" Cack much better.
    A big thanks to all my friends in the USA, I am deeply grateful for your hospitality and kindness.

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    El Guapo
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    I want to lift like a mofo and come out of retirement and maybe win a trophy or something. Make more cash also.

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    bump...just so you can see if you did it..
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    Originally posted by Reinier
    last years goal for me was to be the same weight in the summer of 2002 as in 2001 but with 10% or lower bodyfat. I doubt I will make it but its not completely impossible still.

    other than that simply pass the school tests, play good ball, get some @#!$, snowboard.
    I passed the tests, i quit playing ball, i didn`t have sex, i snowboarded.

    thats a 50/50.

    now i know i can do better than that in 2003
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    Originally posted by PowerManDL
    Pay off all my debt.

    Came close.

    Begin work on my fitness site and especially its content.


    Advance my job skills regarding the tech arena. about a complete 180.

    Reach 190 lbs with decent body fat.

    Bench 315, Squat 405, and DL 450, all for several reps.

    Well, pretty sure I got the deadlift.....I might have the squat in a month or so.....bench I don't want to talk about.......

    Make myself realize that I'm not worse off for being single.

    I think I pulled this one off pretty well
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    lets see heres mine

    1. not touching any cancer sticks
    2. no more drinking except occasions like bday(and once i hit 150)
    3. hit 150(or try 160 later in the year) by march and stay 150+ rest of year
    4. bring arms to at least 14 inch
    5. avoid friends that drink/smoke/drugs all the time
    6. spend more time with this female friend of mine

    once those are going well I can jump to next...

    7. get a better job
    8. pay off some more debts
    9. maybe get a new car
    10. help friend get a better job/help friends in general...

    i might night need some support from this board along the way...
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    My goal is to gain 25lbs That's the one and only goal hehe
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    For 2003:

    Cut down from 19% bf to about 12% by summer (may or june)
    Gain another 20lbs of LBM on a clean bulk in the fall.
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