Hi there,

We have recently added three new articles to Wannabebig!

A superb interview with new contributor Eric Cressey (check out his website at www.ericcressey.com), aswell as an interview and telesminar with Dr John Berardi & Michael Fry on the subject of sports nutrition for Wrestlers, Fighters, and Grapplers! All 3 articles are great reads, so check them out!

We also have some really exciting news to announce. A short while ago we announced we would be revamping how we published articles.. To cut a long story short (because I can go on all day! ), we decided to slow things down a little (3 articles per month), put some budget into recruiting some high quality writers and also make sure all of our articles now go through a rigirous proof read so they are super high quality.

So, a few months ago Maki went back to the drawing board and came up with an awesome publishing plan for the next 6 months, some really exciting subjects.... He got some great guys on board to write for us and well... and now we are nearly ready to hit everyone with the results.... our first new style update on Tuesday 1st August!

Not only that but our 'Iron to Ink' newsletter gets resurrected then also. It will bring you news of the new articles and will have a bunhc of other cool stuff in it too, so watch this space... Last but not least, you get to hear from Anthony, our newsletter editor again!!! (Is that good or bad news? lol)

Of course, it goes without saying... AtLarge Nutrition is the backbone behind the finances for all of this. So, please show your support and get an order in... It really does directly help us not only keep Wannabebig and the forums running, it also enables us to continually improve things. Just check out the Wannabebig forums to find out what our members are saying about AtLarge products!

Ok, enough of me waffling... check out www.wannabebig.com for the updates!