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Thread: Article updates for June 27th!

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    Article updates for June 27th!

    Hi there,

    We have just updated Wannabebig with 5 new articles!

    Firstly we have Maki's second in the Learn from Bob' series. We also have a great shoulder article written by forum member Sensei which runs through precautions you can take to strengthen your shoulders. We then have 3 great interviews for you... Tony Gentilcore and Mike Robertson are guys you will shortly see write articles for us and Brent Howard (Sgt Rock) is.... well... just a very strong deadlifter! All of the interviews give a good level of insight into these interesting characters and also contain some great training information.

    Last, but not least, we have a ton more articles to publish shortly. We have more interviews with future writers and other interesting people in the industry and then on Saturday the 8th July, we are going live with our new style updates! As we mentioned before, we are scaling down to 2 full length articles and a regular Q & A column per month. It's going to be awesome, so watch this space..


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