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Thread: Please Read: BJJ Students or Chicago Residents.

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    Please Read: BJJ Students or Chicago Residents.

    The hardest problem for me has been finding a focus for working out. I want to be healthy, but it doesnt exactly inspire me to stay at it. I want to look toned, but it is merely personal (aka not trying to attract attention - I got all I need from my GF). There are days where I honestly decide... "Do I want to work out, or sleep.....?" Sad but true....

    However, I have found my motivation. Recently I Have been watching alot more MMA fighting. I love it. I have become addicted. Watching a single fight can inspire me to want to go work out. IMMEDIATELY! It has really changed my outlook on working out.

    Now I want to expand my training. Im still relatively weak, 6'1, 185lbs which is not an acurate depiction of my muscle mass, as I have some fat on me. However, as a suplement to my work out, I want to start training for fighting. I have decided on BJJ, after going back and forth. Eventually I believe I may want to take something else too, but for starts Im pretty set on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    I plan to start once Im back at school in Chicago. I was wondering if anyone here knew a good Jiu-Jitsu place in chicago, or even an MMA club. My interest and determination increases daily on this decision, so any help on choosing the right club will help.

    Thanks for all your time.

    P.S. Yes I plan on doing a sample class before deciding *even if just watching*, but would like to know where to start.

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    I think has a club listing.

    If not, you could always go to and ask in the underground forums. Last time I checked there were folks from all over the place, many pros post their too, so you could probably find a good place to train that has a great reputation.
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    Thanks ElPietro!!! Will Check it out.


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