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Thread: Max Weighted Chin Challenge!! *Post ur maxes*!

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    Max Weighted Chin Challenge!! *Post ur maxes*!

    Okay so i just decided to post it here. So please everyone, post and repost your numbers. And please read the rules and regs first!
    Thanks guys

    The Max Weighted Chin Challenge
    Deadline: Monday 4th September 2006

    Rules and Regs

    • First off, no inflating of numbers, i.e no cheating, this is just a bit of fun to keep things at WBB friendly, fun and and to keep spirits and motivation high!*

    • If video footage of the lfits can be psoted that would be very much welcommed. But as this just a bit of fun, video is NOT a nessesity. (fits in with the first rule)

    • The challenge is for Max Chinups/Pullups only. So if its your working set, please only post a set where you did just one rep. So basically jsut post your 1RM. If you post for e.g. 5 x BW + 80lbs. Only the weight will be classed as your 1RM. so in this case 80lbs would be classed as your Max Weighted Chin/Pullup.

    • When posting your Max attempt(s), please include these details.
      Your Bodyweight. e.g. BW = 150lbs
      Weight of max weighted chin/pullup. e.g. BW + 60lbs

    • Exeucution of a Weighted Chinup means that your palms are facing toward your body, and you have to fully extend your arms so you are in a hanging position (with weights either strapped to your belt, or a dumbell or somekind of weight between ur legs), and then pull up until your chin touches or exceeds past the bar.

    • Execution of a Weighted Pullup is the same as above exept that a pullup is the palms face away from the body instead.

    • Chin Ups and Pullups at this moment in time for this challenge shall be kept as different challenges so in one part of the challenge shall be "Max weighted chin up" and the other part shall be "Max weighted pullup" unless you guys would rather just have it mixed, and to do whatever you feel is most comfortable.

    • have fun, and stay safe and good luck in your quest for that 2 x BW chin/pullup!

    • The deadline for posting your max's and BW's shall be the 4th of September. You have two months. Now GO!

    • New Rule! All posted Max's should be farely recent. 1 month ago is the maximum I will say. Just so that this challenge is actually a current one!

    *If i have got pullups and chinups mixed up please tell me!* lol

    [*]Edit: Just thought I would add this. There will be three seperate categories for this Challenge. Canadian Crippler suggested and I thought it was very good so i think this is how the system shall work!
    Categories are..

    1. Total weight lifted (BW+weight attached),
    2. Additional weight lifted (weight attached), and
    3. Percentage of BW lifted (BW+ weight attached / BW x 100)

    Any quiries, questions or suggestions feel free to psot them!

    *Leauge Table Updated!!! Wednesday 5th July 2006!!*

    See the standings so far!


    Max Weighted Chin Challenge:
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