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Thread: I'm going to reach 185 lbs (body mass)

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    I figured that I'd start one of these journal to help keep me on track and get advice from others. Here's an introduction... I should have started lifting years ago but never really got into it. I finally got a wake-up call when I was only recruited by two D1 schools for lacrosse, and I didn't have the grades to get into those schools. So now I'm going D3 and have finally committed myself to getting bigger and stronger. I started Chris Mason's mass gaining program 1.5 weeks ago @ 6'tall 150 lbs. So far I've gained 5.5 lbs in about 10 days... but I think alot of that is water weight (because of the creatine?) I've been eating alot at least 3500 calories a day usually more than 4000.

    So far my maxes for my workouts are

    Stiff-leg deadlift - ? haven't payed attention to what I'm putting up on there for this one... i don't really like sldl's,
    Squat- 205 8x with thighs parallel
    Calf raises - 90lbs 20x, 20x on a sled

    military press - 95 lbs 4 x
    Bench - 125 8 x I think it was sort of assisted, the bar was self spotting and had cords attatched to it so if i let go the bar stopped.
    chin ups - less than body weight

    deadlift - 205 3x I LOVE deadlifts, lol i would do deadlifts every day if it was possible.
    leg press - 200 something 10x

    My goal is to reach at least 180-185 pounds bodyweight by March 2007. A question about squats, is it okay if I'm kind of duckfooted when I squat, I try to keep them straight but they always go out.
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