ok, so my summer is coming to a close, and i was recently offered an interview at circuit city. they want me to go in next monday (17th) to interview, however a month from that date i go back to school, so basically i would only be working there for 3 weeks before i go back to school, and i dont think circuit city knows that. i worked at best buy for nearly a year before, so i think i would require at best 2 days training, and thats just to learn the computer systems and some product.

so basically, what do i tell them during the interview? that they called me right before i was about to go back to school? i filled out the application nearly 2 months ago, and they just contact me now, so i dont know what to say to them.

i could tell them that i could come back and work 3 day weekends once to twice a month, though the 3 hour drive would suck. also i think they have a circuit city 45 minutes from my school, so maybe i could transfer for the school year and come back for holidays and whatever else. anyways, what would you guys do? you leave for school in 5 weeks and just now got an interview at a job you would really like. do i tell them at the interview or do i not say anything if i get the job and just tell them before im about to leave?