Well I weighed myself last week and was 211. I weighed myself today and was 205. I have been eating pretty healthy, and drinking my Protien shakes...2 a day before and after workouts. I dont want to eat bad...and gain fat, but I want to slowly gain mass. I havent started Fitday tracking yet, but at this rate I might need to. What are you opinions. Below is a normal diet.

4am - 1st Shake
5am- workout
645 am- 2nd shake
9am - 2 skinless grilled chicken strips
1130am- 3 more chicken strips
2pm - peanut butter sand
5pm - Dinner - what the wife cooks - lots of different meals involving chicken breast. I get my carbs here too, Mashed Potatoes, green food, sometimes porkchops.
8pm - some sort of snack - another peanut butter sandw - or cheese (I love Cheese).