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    Just wondering... does weight lifting increase your natural testosterone level? Ive only been working out about a month and feel a bit different. Not that I dont like it or anything, just wondering. I know working out releases endorphins and what not...

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    Simple answer: Yeah it does.

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    I work out because I have two daughters.....and one day they'll be teenagers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stray
    Simple answer: Yeah it does.
    not that simple an answer - it depends on your intensity levels an how much muscle you are training e.g if your doing 1 or 2 body parts with medium intensity (what a lot of people do) its not going to create much test

    if however, you did a full body routine, with max intensity (as you get bigger this becomes close to impossible) it would create much more test

    this will go down fairly shortly afterwards though, its not something that sticks around

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    So a full body high intensity routine will spike my test? Can you reference me on this please?

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    I was just wondering about this subject.

    Is it possible to go to your GP (here in the UK) and asked to get your test levels checked just to make sure everything is ok? ? ?

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    Yes. And if they aren't, then there are prescription drugs that will raise it to a natural level.


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