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Thread: Swimming builds muscle?

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    Swimming builds muscle?

    This is what I'm being told by an ex-SAS guy. Is it true?

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    Eating builds muscle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew
    Eating builds muscle.
    But only while the body is resting, right?

    Exercise tears the body down...
    Resting (sleeping) repairs the body..
    But ONLY if there is Fuel/nourishment/food in the body.. otherwise, the body will eat itself.. oops..

    So destroy the body any way you want.. although heavy lifting is most efficient.. then Eat a lot of healthy food.. then rest.. you should be all set..

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    Swimming would only build muscle up to a point. Your body adapts to resistance, so swimming will only require you to exert so much force, and your body will develop to handle that force.

    It would be like going to the gym and lifting the same amount of weight each time you go for 10 years straight. You will develop, and then the weight will be easy, and then there will be no need to develop further.

    Eventually, you will be so efficient at the movement at that weight, that you probably won't require as much muscle to perform the action, and you may atrophy a bit.

    So sure swimming will build muscle for a short time, but it is not a long-term solution. That's why when you go to the gym you have to continue making progress in some form, as well as eating tons at the same time, to continue growing.
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    Also keep in mind what kind of muscle you are building - fast twitch or slow twitch. Even distance running builds muscle to a point - but its slow twich. I'm not sure which kind swimming builds - probably depends on if you're doing sprints or distance or what.


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