i think one thing that motivates me on this board is the before and after pictures of everyone. I've been roaming these boards for months now and have learned more then my fair share. I want to dedicate this thread to before and after pictures.

Post 2 pictures please. Or Just one split with your before and after.

I want to see your "I Just Joined This Forum" picture and this is me so many months in picture.

Please give a breif description of time frame and anything else you might want to add.

So lets see it. You weighing the least you've ever have and then the most with all that extra muscle. Or even the opposite. You with the most you've ever weighed and then a picture of those hard lost pounds gone forever.

Don't be shy. These picture are motivation to everyone.

I am the first to admit i check the "Members' Pics and Videos" section often to see everyones progress. It gives me motivation to sculpt the body i one day will have.