ive asked my lifting buddies about this and even my parents (who are both doctors) and haven't had any luck in figuring out what it is.

i do not think this is an injury resulting from lifting. The first time I noticed it was two weeks ago when I was on vacation and taking a break from lifting. I have allergies and I noticed when I coughed hard there would be a pain in my back around the right shoulder blade.

Fast forward to when I get back after a week. I get the most excruciating pain when I try do bench. This happens for overhead press to. Ironically, I can do back exercises with little pain.

I've tried to put ice on it but its very hard to target. It seems to be on the inside. It's very hard to stretch as well. I feel something (not pain though) when I breath in very deeply.

Last thursday I decided to do 8 bench reps at a decent weight to just see what would happen. Very intense pain. It ached for the whole day.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be getting any better. I barely notice the pain throughout the day (slight sensation when breathing, slight pain when coughing and able to get a bit of pain when twisting my torso and stretching out my right elbow). But it kills in the gym on certain exercises.

This is very frustrating because I just dropped $200 on a gym membership for summer vacation and started creatine.

Any help would be _greatly_ appreciated.