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Thread: Need Advice for Camping in Northern Cali

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    Need Advice for Camping in Northern Cali

    Hey Guys,

    I am about to head to "Northern" California (San Jose/Santa Cruz) in a couple weeks to go camping. Seeing how I have been to California more than any of my friends ( Hermosa Beach), I have been designated to find an amazing park/forest with amazing scenery and a mountain or two.

    In my internet search, all I found were web ads each proclaiming they were THE best campground in the world. It was hard to see through the bull **** because it all looks like bull****.

    I desparately need some advice and destinations for a trip that is to occur on July 30. Any places you would recommend? Anyone know if Castle Rock is any good?

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    Castle Rock has some interesting climbing. I like the atmosphere of the nearby Big Basin more, nice waterfalls, but both are beautiful.

    Muir Woods is spectacular.

    Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo have awesome views and are basically the two "mountains" of the bay area.

    Angel Island would be cool.

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    Muir Woods baby!.....And you will be a throw away from San Francisco if you want to do some sight seeing.
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