Be ready to read a long post.

So, I recently was hired at a gym in Washington. I have been working there for about 1.5 months now and have enough clients to make around $300 a paycheck (I don't make dick right now). I am servicing around 25 sessions a pay period (pay period = 2 weeks). I will give a brief overview of the pay structure our gym uses. The base wage for my job is $7.63 (the minimum wage in WA) so most of the money comes from commission. I make 8% of the total cost of each session I train (this is the starting commission percentage for beginner trainers), so if someones buys 5 sessions for $299: for each session of the 5 I train I get 299/5*.08 = $4.78 added to my base wage (7.63+4.78 = 12.41). Besides that I also get commission from the packages of training I sell. So if I sell a 30 session pack for $1499 I get 20% of that which is $300 right there. I have yet to sell any sessions yet because I am still a rookie, so there is the possibility of making more money (the sessions I train right now are either people who had a trainer that quit/fired or people who bought training with their membership). I expect to eventually work up to a full-time trainer with time as I get more clients. The reason I am explaining this is because I was recently offered a job that pays $15 an hour with full benefits. This job is also full time with overtime so I can easily make above $2000 a month which would be good for me while going to school and stuff, but my concern is the type of work I have to do. The job that I was offered is actually a desk job for a wireless company so I would be answering peoples questions about their service and stuff. This sounds completely lame but the pay and benefits are very intriguing for me. Another reason why I am concerned is because at my current job I get the opportunity to meet people and socialize which is something that I am afraid I would be missing out on at the other job. Something else I dislike about being a trainer is the schedule. Right now I only have around 15 clients so there are some days where I am super busy and other days where I have like 1 person to train, and besides that I have a lot of down time between clients. Like I may have 1 client and 4pm and then another at 6pm so I have an hour to just sit there and scout women on the ellipticals, this doesnt sound too bad but some days the women are slim pickins in WA (someone on here can relate). Neither of these jobs are something I plan on doing for a career just a job to pay the bills and then some while I go through school.

I am seriously dying for help on this. Is there anyone that has ever worked a call-center job like this who could provide some more information about the atmosphere of places like that? Maybe I should stick it out as a trainer, get some exp and more certs then move to a better area like seattle or something? I could always do neither and go back to being a server, then become a bartender when I turn 21? ahhhhh so many questionsssss.

Maybe I should make a T-Chart...