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Thread: Diet on off days

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    Diet on off days

    I've started trying to do a clean bulk. My maint is 2500 cal so i'm eating 3000 per day. I go to the gym 4 days/week. The other days im pretty much in front of a computer all day on my butt. Should I stick to 2500 on my off days or keep doing the 3000? Im 153lbs/34 yrs old/5'8". I just started using Here is my journal. Please let me know if this is looking right for a clean bulk.

    Thanks! I'm glad I found this site. Cleared up alot of questions I've had over the last couple years of working out.

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    same as lifting days
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    You heal/repair/build muscle while resting, so yes you need to tools to do that on your off days. Food is what muscles are made of, so eat.
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    yep, same on off days as on days, because the off days is when you're actually growing bigger.

    only time it might vary is if you're on a cutting phase and doing some sort of carb cycling to avoid that 'low carb' feeling while still limiting carbs for best fat burning.


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