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    Hi, thanks to the few that responded to my initial post. I would again like to say that I'm new to this so if my questions sound stupid, I'd like to claim ignorance Anyway, I want to gain strength and definition and I posted my current routine in my initial post. I asked for opinions and a few of you mentioned starting a journal.

    So, this would be just a basic overview of my work-outs (what exercises, how much weight, how it felt...) or are we talking somehting else altogether? Thanks again and I appreciate any responses on my original post.

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    Go to the journals section and look through a few. Most people do them differently ranging from just their workouts, to as much as their daily diet and sleep, activities, etc.
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    Sponge, it can be a binder, notebook, or an online computer one like on this site. I have a binder that i keep everything in (stuff that latman mentioned) I also like to include pics of how i looked at certain times, like after bulking or after cutting. It really helps you to look back and see what worked for you and what didn't. Just for fun and curiosity i tried putting all the different workouts i've ever done since I started lifting in my journal. If not for anything else, it's good to keep track of the weight you've used for your past workouts.


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