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Thread: Help Setting Up Proper Carb-Cycling Diet

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    Help Setting Up Proper Carb-Cycling Diet

    I'm trying to set up a proper carb cycling diet and I've read a bunch of article but it seems the one that works best is a simple 3-day split, low/medium/high. I was thinking maybe 100g on the low day, 200g on the medium day, and 300g on the high day. And right now I'm 207 lbs. and probably arounnd 11-12%, and I'm trying to diet down to 194-197 lbs.


    I'm thinking about incorporating calorie cycling in here as well. As I'm wondering which is more effective carb cycling or calorie cycling?

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    Davey, I just do high and low days. It seems to work fine, and it's very easy to plan and to set up. It's also very comfortable.

    I'd be happy to run the numbers for you if you'll read the cutting link in my sig and send me the parameters requested.


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