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Thread: Shirt Injury???

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    Shirt Injury???

    I had a meet today, lifted in a single F6, now the tendon on the inside of my right arm, the one that connects to the elbow, is hurting like a bastard. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening, I think that it had a negative impact on my last attempt. Anyone else experience this phenomenon before, and what is the recovery time like?

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    The only thing I can think of is that your shirt was too tight. Yes there is such a thing as too tight. I was wearing a single ply EHPHD shirt once and it was at least 3 sizes too small (took 4 people, 1/2 bottle of baby powder, and 25 minutes just to get it on) and I when I did my 5th set, I struggled to get it to my chest and when pressing it up, my left tricep literally gave out. Then my training partner did a massive upright row to get the bar off me. I then got half the gym to rip the shirt off me and I tossed a bag of ice on my elbow. After about 3 min, I took the ice off to see a lump the size of a baseball just above my elbow. Turns out that it was a minor tricep tear. So after that I just did a lot of rehab stuff for my tricep like pushdowns with bands, some super light high board pressing (nothing below 4boards). And in a few months I was good to go. However, come to think of it, my bench has never been the same. At least i have a nice excuse to blame my crappy bench press.

    So just be careful, ice the s##t out of your tricep, do lot's of work to strengthen the area around the tendon (hammer curls for the forearm/brachioradialis, high rep pushdowns w/ bands to pump blood in and around the inflamed areas). Stay away from lot's of full-range close grip stuff. If it hurts, take 2 aleve for the pain. If it's just an inflamed tendon, you can heal up quicker than you think. But make sure your shirt is tight, but not tight to the point that you start tearing your tendons off.

    Hope this helps.
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