Here's my question - I've been kinda, sorta following WBB#1; however because I apparently cannot read I just realized that the rows I am doing (and have been doing for 8 weeks now) are DB rows and WBB#1 specifies BB rows.

When I tried BB rows it seemed like I could move less weight with worse form and I realize that this may be due to my lack of any experience with this exercise. So my question is:

1. Should I switch from DB rows to BB rows?

I'm doing my DB rows with 1 knee on a bench, 1 hand on the front of the bench. I pull 1 DB up to within an 2-3 inches of my chest and then let my arm return to a fully extended position. I do 2 sets of 6 reps. I'm using a 65lb dumbbell. After each set - I switch hands/knee.

With a BB of 100lbs I had some difficulty maintaining any sort of form and had difficulty getting the bar up to my chest.

Keep the faith,