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Thread: Weight Loss & Muscle Building Routine ????

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    Weight Loss & Muscle Building Routine ????

    Hello all,

    I would like some advise about what I should be doing during my work out

    Right now I would like to concentrate on weight loss ( about 50lbs fat ) & gain muscles mainly arms & better looking chest. I am NOT looking at being some genetic looking freak

    ( not that's there any thing wrong with that )

    Right now my trainer has me doing this workout 3 days a week

    All exercises are 3 sets of 20 reps

    * Ab machine 60lbs
    * cardio 5 mins
    * shoulder 80lbs
    * bench press 70lbs
    * Dead man lift 5lbs
    * squats 5lbs

    ( Please keep in mind that I have really BAD knees so the last 2 are only 3 sets of 10 )

    On my "off days" I do cardio for 45 mins to 1 hour

    I am currently taking protein & creatine & I am also following a nutritional food plan that allows me roughly 1,500 calories a day

    Is this the right routine for me. My trainer said it will take me about 1 year to lose this fat & that sounds like a LONG time. I realize I didn't put this weight on over night but a year ?????

    Is there a better way or a faster routine or should I shut up & be patient ?

    Maybe I should mention that I have added bicep muscle exercises on my own that I do each day.

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