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Thread: When to go up in weights

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    When to go up in weights

    For the following workouts, how many reps do you do before moving up in weights?
    I got my bench at 145 for 3...when do i go up and how much?
    I got my deadlift at 225 for 2...when do i go up and how much?
    I got my squat at 205 for 3..when do i go up and how much?
    Thanks guys
    BTW, im only 14 and weigh 123..incase those numbers sound small

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    you go up whenever you want to go up. there's no magic formula.

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    Well, for working sets I'd do something like:

    Week 1: 3 x 8; if completed onto 3 x 10
    Week 2: 3 x 10
    Week 3: Add 5 or 10 lbs. Do 3 x 6-8 work back up to 10 reps.

    Actually I think 10 reps is too much so I usually add 5 or 10 lbs. and do 3 x 6 and work back to 3 x 8.

    Or just keep the reps/sets the same, add +5 lbs.

    I keep my reps below 6 for bench pressing and deadlifting though.
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    increase the weight whenever you feel its right. if your shooting for 5 reps but feel that you can do 8-10, up the weight. if you can only do 2 or 3 reps then i'd stay stick with the weight until you can get up to your target repsxsets
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