Ok, so I'm working on getting a better body so that I'll be better at basketball. Because of this, the routine I have designed is intended to get me bigger, but more lean and cut than just purely big and strong. Criticism, advice, etc, would be appreciated...

Stats: (Or statz, as the cool kids are saying these days)
5' 10
158-163 pounds (the scale, it how do you say, fluctuates)
body fat: probably around 7-9% (I can see my abs sorta, and they become defined when i flex)

Day 1: Abs and lower back
ab machine 12/10/8 (upper abs)
torso rotation 12/10/8 (side abs - I can't remember the real name)
ab dip 12/10/8 (side abs)
situps on depression bench 12/10/8 (lower abs)
back dip (lower back)
kick ups (lower abs)

Day 2: Biceps and upper back
pullups 12/10/8 (bi's and upper back)
deadlift 12/10/8 (upper and mid back)
row 12/10/8 (upper back)
low row 12/10/8 (mid back)
lat pull 12/10/8 (upper back)

Day 3: Basketball, plyos, running
Shooting, dribbling, sprints
Pickup games of basketball

Day 4: Chest and Triceps
Bench 12/10/8 (chest)
Incline Bench 12/10/8 (upper chest) or Decline Bench (lower chest) - (switch every week)
Free weight fly 12/10/8 (chest)
Tricep extensions (tricep)
Tricep dips (tricep)

Day 5: Legs
Squat 12/10/8 (overall legs)
Calf raises 12/10/8 (calf)
Step ups 12/10/8 (overall legs)
Hamstring Machine 12/10/8 (Hammies)

Day 6: Shoulders
Shoulder raise 12/10/8
Shoulder extension 12/10/8 (side)
Shoulder extension 12/10/8 (front)
Shoulder shrugs 12/10/8

Day 7: is a day of rest

I use weight on everything, and have been increasing as needed. Anything I should add, get rid of, switch up? Thanks in advance.