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Thread: Deadlift width set up?

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    Deadlift width set up?

    Hey whats up people ....again...., i was just wondering if anyone had a general type of recommendation for the width of the deadlift set up. I've read that it depends on a couple of things: Torso length, arm length, and leg length in proportion with ones body. So i was wondering if for instance generally speaking, shorter people would do traditional and taller would do sumo...? thanx.......again.... later

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    Traditional and sumo are two different things, you should switch it up from time to time, or not, depends on you. If one particular variation feels uncomfortable do the other. Everyone is different and you just have to see what works for you.

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    Theoretically, people with longer arms compared to their torso's should be better natural deadlifters than those with shorter arms no matter what style they us. So like Lou said, it's more a matter of preference.

    If more of your strength is in the legs, you may prefer sumo. If it's in the back, you will probably do better at conventional. Of course, you could do the opposite to bring up your weaknesses.
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    Guido covered it, myself personally i like to pull SLDL and conventional with my feet very close, but i like to use sumo once and a while.

    give it a try one day and do a bunch of speed singles to compare.
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    Change your stance around and see how it feels. Check for speed with lighter weights and see what feels faster or feels better to you. It's all about finding the right position for you where you can move the most weight. Personally I've tried sumo, mediu-sumo, moderate, and close. I pull the most with my feet closer together (barely shoulder width) mainly because I have string quads (which helps with moving the bar off the floor).

    Basically, experiment and see what works best for you. I would suggest trying different stances for 6-8 weeks at a time.

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    I do sumo my front of my leg matches up with the o-ring which is in the middle of two threaded part on each side. So its fairly wide. I find it works quite well. I also find that I can pull more convential but only slighlty more and I feel uncomfortable doing convential.
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