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Thread: knees hurting when squatting

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    knees hurting when squatting

    During the last 5-6 weeks my right knee has felt weird when squatting. It starts to hurt right when I hit the parallel position. I've heard people say that going ATG transfers the weight off of your knees onto your hip flexers or something like that. I normally go parallel or just below, but when i go ATG it hurts my knee even more. If this was due to a form problem wouldn't both knees be hurting? I feel zero pain in my left knee, it even hurts when hack squatting, pretty hard to mess up form there. This injury only started when I went on Madcow's 5x5 and my 3rd/4th week into the program my knee began to hurt (you squat 3x a week, 2x being heavy). What could the problem be, and should I see a doctor?

    I should also note that even when i put on 135 which is pretty light for me, my knee still hurts so I dont think lowering the weight will solve the problem. Is there an exercise I can sub in for squats for a month and then see if that helps. Any suggestions would be great.
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