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Thread: General advice on women

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    General advice on women

    Since it seems no one has any idea how to handle relationship issues, let's just make this a thread to give general advice, words of wisdom, anecdotal advice, whatever...kind of a "best practices" if you will.

    I'll start. Don't date a girl you just met if you're looking for something long term. Hang out with her, be her friend for a few months. If you can still tolerate being around her after that, then go for it. It usually takes a while for the real person to come out.

    You risk staying in the friend zone, but that's better than realizing that you got yourself into a relationship with a complete psychopath. Actually, I guess this can go for both men and women.

    If you're looking for a fling or short term fun, do whatever, but take my advice. Don't let those people know where you live. One night stands should be had in motels. Trust me on this one, I speak from bad experience.

    What say you, folks?

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    the only thing i have to say is OMG another thread on advice on women
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    Girl that i've been dating for 3 months now, i met at a party and slept (IN A BED) with her, that same night. (didn't DO it if you must know). I see this relationship lasting for as long as we want. Your point is moot

    Girls that are worth your time (if you are worth anything) generally avoid insecure guys. The tried and true confidence is something that will earn you respect in a girls eyes. Despite womens lib, women want a man who will make them comfortable in even the most obscure and trying situations.

    On talk of love. Love is more then just a word or a feeling. It's an action, a decision, an emotion, a life time. Don't mistake it for formalities.
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    How about the idea that each and every person is different, and there isn't a single piece of advice that will work for all women.
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    i think Vikings got a solid point tho.

    It pays to really know someone before committing in any sort of fashion. That way you don't get involved with a psycho.
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    I find that "Wow your HOT!" doesn't work as well as "Wow your really beatiful"

    Just my .02.
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    How about treat her nice, listen when she's talking, touch or kiss her as often as she's comfortable with, and even if she's one of those go to bed super early types stop whatever you're doing to go lay down with her until she's asleep?
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    Don't ask for dating advice on an internet forum.

    Case closed.
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