Hey my WBB friends, im back from newhampshire and although i had a good time, i developed the biggest crush of my life. Ive been friends with this girl for a while, since i started going on the NH trips about 3 years ago and we have been good friends, although recently before the trip she started talking to me alot, a real lot, saying we need to hang out blah blah. New hampshire comes around and i just completly fell for her. Between her amazing looks without a drop of makeup, awesome sweet personality, and the stuff we have in commen i CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT HER. Honestly, all day and before bed i sit there and think about this girl, ive never had this feeling before....

...the main problem is that she has a boyfriend. yeah, this sucks big time. on the trip it didnt seem like she mentioned him at all, at least around me, and i heard her telling the other girls that he wasnt calling, but i think he did.

I dont know what to do! my friend says that she might have something for me, everytime i would glance over to her she would be looking at me, we would have some nice talks, laughs, and like i said she never mentioned her BF around me.

Ok im done with the rant, im just sitting here thinking about this girl and how much i would kill to be with her.


my friend reccomends i either wait it out and tell her how i feel after her and her BF break up, or just do it right away, i dont think this is a good idea.

-end rant.