Hi guys. It's been awhile since I've posted here last, but I've decided to try to keep a journal again. I figured I'm in Iraq, so what else do I have to do?

I thought it was funny, I had to change my signature from 19 yro. to 21.

I can't promise it will be a very intricately detailed (I can't spell btw, so that would make me normal) journal, but I will do my best.

My goals here are to put on about 10 lbs. of muscle in the next year with a power oriented lifting style. My squat needs the most work, but I also see a lot of potential there as I haven't been consistant with the lift until this past month. My deadlifts are showing improvement as well. My bench just recently jumped 10 lbs. and that's quite an improvement because it's been stagnant for quite some time. I am focusing on my arms right now because I think they need the most improvement.

That's enough of an introduction, if you have any questions feel free to post. I love spam.

Last night was back, and it looked something like this.
HS High-Row:
250x8 (form shyed away a bit)
I don't like this machine,

so I went old-school with some pullups.
BWx6 (failure)
Extremely slow with pause at each end

OH BB Rows:
Still getting a feel for this, reps were slow and controlled

Half-rep DL's:
295x10 OH-grip w/wraps
I started a bit light because I stole this exercise from Ahmad Haidar (Haider's?) back workout just to try it out, except I didn't feel much going just to the top of the knees so I took it knee level with full lockout at the top.

Cable Rows:
120x12 + partials
Nice and smooth with good contraction at the end of the pull.

I didn't try to go super heavy this workout because I did my heavy workout last split. It will be heavy next time.
Today should be heavy chest, so stayed tuned and thanks for any input.