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Thread: Suggest some routines

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    Suggest some routines

    For putting on Strength and Mass

    Im 17, 6'1 and 185, I want to get about 200-210 and a bit stronger

    What proven routines should i dO?

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    hey ur new to the game, almost any routine willwork for you especially f you eat enough

    although ve never tried it id say go with wbb routine one, just search the site for articles on it, its easy to find

    from the people on here who hae tried it hey say theve gotten good results from it.

    and from my look at it, its a basic routine ith the staple exercises one needs to gain mass, just give it a shot before doing anything more complex

    congrads for joining the iron game btw
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    Lol no, i been lifting for like 6-7 months, But i been doing like 8 reps and 3 sets, I was thinking about doing mark ripetoes program or something

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    Do Bill Starr's 5x5 routine.

    Download his spreadsheet ( ), which outlines everything you need to do (fill in your lifts in the yellow and the formulas will take care of the rest) and what weight to use.

    You'll get stronger and you'll get bigger.


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