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Thread: Deadlifts and the Chiropractor

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    Deadlifts and the Chiropractor

    Just wanted to share something with my fellow lifters. 7 weeks ago I injured myself on the leg press machine. I hurt my back pretty badly (going to deep). I am no newbie weightlifter--I have been training for 17 years. I heard to "cracks" in my lower back vertebrae while trying to leg press 550lbs.

    Before my injury, I had been making some pretty steady gains on my new routine and was quite pleased with my results. I had trouble deadlifting though. I found it very difficult to get past 245lbs. I always use good form, but I never felt "stable" while doing them. Nor did i feel strong doing them. This injury couldn't have come at a worse time. I just moved 130 miles away from my current chiropractor so going back to see her was not an option. I asked her to recommend someone new to me from her "book of chiropractors" that use the same manipulative methods of getting my bones to realign as she did. She recommended a male chiropractor. I personally have no preference to male or female as long as they can get me pain free.

    Well, I went to see this male chiropractor and his "touch" was a lot rougher than i am used to. He even had me a bit scared in some situations because I felt things move that I never felt before. After the third adjustment, I felt more stable around my core for some reason--probably due to the "things moving that I never felt before". hehe--yeah I can put 2 and 2 together and get 5. LOL

    Well, since that time I have been increasing my deadlifting weight at an alarmingly fast pace. And I feel stable throughout!!!

    Remember I started out at 245lbs x 3. I have been going heavier for 4 weeks straight and I hit a new personal record as of today with the feeling I could still do more!!!

    I am currently deadlifting 335lbs x 6 and I felt that 350 is definitely do-able next time around. Call it psychological if you wish, but I feel my results are more than that. My back never felt better!!

    I just thought I'd share.

    P.S.--Current stats


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