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Thread: Personal Trainer Certification?

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    Personal Trainer Certification?

    Hi everyone,
    I have a question that needs an answer. I am gonnna be getting my personal trainer certification very soon, but I can't decide who to get it with? I know there is a few things you look for, like it should be approved by the ncca and other things. I have been looking at ACE (american council on exercise), NESTA (natonal exercise & sports trainers association), NFPT (National Federation of Professional Trainers), and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). With one of these is the best and or is there another place that is better?

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    ISSA is another.

    Check with places you might be interested in working for someday - they will tell you which certifications they look for, then choose accordingly.
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    NSCA is one that was recommened to me (specifically CSCS certification)
    I also think the other was ACSM or something like that...

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    are the one's I listed good?

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    Of the ones you listed the NASM is the best one. I either recommend to people the NSCA-CSCS if you have the knowledge and money. The NASM is really good as well as the NSCA-CPT.

    Of those others you listed, you're better off saving your time and money. If you need a quick and easy one, those will do but the ones that are getting people somewhere these days are with the NSCA or NASM.
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    ISSA got me my job.

    I agree with HY that NSCA or NASM are the best out there currently.
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    Im getting certified through NASM right now. All the ones that most gyms will accept for their trainers (you'll have to ask them as most places differ) will cost you around $500. The Gold's by my house that I am trying to get hired at used to accept ISSA but recently only accepts NASM so thats what I am getting. I have heard from a few other sources that NASM is one of the best, too.
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