I've been tryin to cut for ar while now. I started off around 210 lbs and am now around 5' 9'' 195.5 lbs. I'd say my body fat % is around 17-20%.
On a typical day my macro breakdown loooks like this.

Total: 1448 calories
Fat: 41g 26%
Sat: 8 75 5%
Poly: 4 39 3%
Mono: 11 103 7%
Carbs: 61g 203 14%
Fiber: 10 0 0%
Protein: 209g 837 59%

I try to get in my lifting at least three times a week. On off days, I either do HIIT or play competitive tennis. I'm really looking to get rid of these man boobies cuz they are pissin me off but I feel like i've been hoverin around the same body fat % for the past few weeks.

What do I need to change? Should I be upping calories?