hey guys I was wondering how this looks for volume after my max effort close grip bench.
Close Grip Bench:
135x3, 170x1, 195x1, 225x1, 245x1 (PR)
Dumbell Bench: 140x6, 140x5
Skull Crushers: 70x6, 70x4
French Curls: 55x7
Shoulder Side Raises:40x10
Shoulder Front Raises:50x12
Rotator Cuff Raises: 3lbsx20
Barbell Rows:70x7
Dumbell Bench Rows:60x10, 60x8
Weighted Wide Grip Pullups: 10x5
Underhand Pullups:4
Hammer Curls:35X7
4 Sets of Abs
My plan for now is to do similar assistance work on speed bench day, gradually increasing the reps and sets while keeping the same weight, or for some excersizes increasing weight while keeping the same reps. Any changes or suggestions? Also, would you guys reccomend keeping the same assistance excersizes for 3-4 weeks, or just rotate them when i stop making progress?