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Thread: PLEASE help - muscle won't develop!!!!

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    PLEASE help - muscle won't develop!!!!

    Hi. For several months, I have been struggling to deal with a problem that basically entails my left pec not growing while my right pec and the rest of my body continues to progress steadily. The problem does not seem to originate in my pec majors, which are relatively even, but in my pec minors. In the attached pictures, showing me with my arms outstretched, you can clearly distinguish a pec minor on the right side, while on the left there is merely a inward curve. If I put my arms back at my sides, my right pec becomes much fuller and broader as the pec minor returns underneath, while my left pec wanes in comparison with no considerable pec minor underneath.

    So far, I have tried almost everything to stimulate a response from my left pec minor.

    I track my diet on Fitday, Iím consuming about 4400 cal/day with a macronutrient count of around 277/534/146 (prot/carb/fat) on average each day. I have been increasing my caloric intake each week, but because I am seeing growth in all my other body parts, I donít think diet is a direct cause of the lack of progress in my left pec minor. Rather, I feel like it never is stimulated or worked at all whenever I work my chest.

    I switched to DBís, lowered weight and focused on form, switched the order of the exercises, changed the exercises, went from 4x6 to 3x8, etc. I also dropped weight and worked on form for triceps and shoulder exercises as well to try to prevent strength differences in my left and right arms from interfering with my chest movements. I am now back on a 4x6 routine of Incline DB Presses, Dips, Flat DB Presses, and DB Pullovers. However, after each of these workouts I still donít see or feel any difference in the left pec minor. Would doing solely incline work help? At this point I don't know where to turn.

    This problem arose sometime during the transition from school to summer, when I had to start working out at home. The Olympic DB handles I use at home are much longer than the fixed-plate dumbbells I used at school and this along with a wide bench limits my ROM when DB benching. Also, one of the dumbbells is about half an inch longer than the other, but Iím not sure what to what extent this would affect me. I am considering switching to a palms-facing grip for DB chest press, but am not sure on whether or not it would place more stress on triceps or not.

    I donít attribute this to genetics as previously, before I stopped lifting for a while for track, I had no such problems with my chest and could feel the pec minor of both sides of my chest.

    I'm sorry for the long post, but I've been searched everywhere for any information that might help me but none of it has seemed to help.
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