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Thread: Low (50g or less) Carbers Pre-Workout Drink?

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    Pre-Workout Drink for Low Carbers/Carb Cyclers?

    I ran into this thread called "Jungle Juice" in the Recipe section.. I was thinking of using this minus the creatine and whey for now. When I low carb I feel alright energy wise as long as I'm fed and not over/under doing the fats. I want something that is going to give my muscles what they need to go through the work out.

    So will a 3.5x serving of gatorade powder be enough for a pre-workout drink for a low-carbin' mofo?

    Quote Originally Posted by jed
    I recently attended University of Northern Iowa Football Camp, and we had the teams weight trainer give us a talk about lifting. He suggested mixing a drink that ALL of their players drink while LIFTING in the weightroom. The drink consisted of:
    3 1/2 x serving size dry gatorade
    2 scoops whey
    5g creatine (optional)
    What do you all think if this mix? Im gonna try it, I dont have the best mix (Lime gatorade, Chocolate Whey, and Fruit Punch creatine, mmmm!)
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