So I am at the gym today and.. I get the following advice.. Give me an easy Good advice - Follow it, or Bad Advice - and WHY not to follow it.

1.) Your routine should always be changing
Meaning, that I should cycle out exercises. Such as week 1 low incline DB Press, week 2 DB Press on a medicine ball, week 3 something else, and then back to week 1 again.

2.) You don't need to bulk to gain muscle, just eat healthy.
Meaning, eat the food groups, and just eat reasonable, but not a lot, and growth / toning.

3.) Pinch your shoulder blades together when bench pressing
This was COMPLETELY unheard of, but I tried it, and I felt some muscle pulling in my traps, which I guess was supposed to happen according to the guy. He said "You are using muscles you haven't used before" ... Right.