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Thread: Working out and nutrition

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    Working out and nutrition

    Sup folks, first post on these boards so heya =) Seeking a bit of advice at the mo; i'm soon to start working out with a view to joining the fire service. This should begin in about 3 weeks, got my workout plan and everything sorted. On the diet side of things, i'm currently eating 6 small meals a day with 3 hour intervals between each, wholemeal/fruit + veg/low fat dairy and lean meat/fish, with some healthy fats included. The one bad aspect is that I don't drink enough water.

    The thing i need help with is that when i was 13, i began piling on weight. At 17, i weighed just under 15st @ 5ft2 =) Decided to diet, lost some weight, started eating healthily and am now 6ft1, weighing in @ just under 11 and a half stone. This is all fine and dandy, but the thing i am worried about is increasing my calorie intake to bulk up, chiefly because people who have been fat in the past find it much easier to put weight back on - I'm kinda scared that a lot of the extra calories is gonna make a one way trip to my midriff. Any ideas?

    Ta muchos,
    -Steele =)
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