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Thread: working away, cant hit the gym till weekends??

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    working away, cant hit the gym till weekends??

    In a few months i will be working away and i'm trying to plan in advance what i will do to maintain muscle growth. No gym will be accesible.

    Now i will be able to hit the gym friday evening and sunday evening.... are these 2 days a week going to be enough?

    right now i do a mon, wed, fri split at the gym using WBB1.

    i was planning to do legs on saturday when possible and upper body on friday and sunday nights

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    You're already on a 3 day split which makes it easier. Restructure your workout so that you train Saturdays and Sundays in the gym and then one day at home on Wednesday, and make your home workout the one that can be done with free weights, like an "arm and shoulder day" for example (bicep curls, hammers, BB curls, military presses, front delt raises).
    This way you only need the gym equipment on Sat and Sun. And you'll have free weights waiting for you at home.
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