I thought I had a pretty good graps of what foods I should be taking and what I shouldn't. Seems I am wrong and now I'm confused, totally confused.

So I drink a lot of fruit juice, orange and have Pineapple juice with my protein shakes so I have about 800 ML per day of the stuff or 2 pints which I guess is a lot. In other words I drink a LOT of fruit juice. I now read this is bad, is this the case?

I also read that apparently I eat too much of the wrong carbs. I should get 90% of my carbs of fruits and vegetable. Is this the case? I read that cereal, potatoes, bread, oats, brown rice all should be removed?

If this is the case, where do you get all your cals from? Most of my meals involve carbs such as pasta, brown basmati rice, white bread, All Bran for breakfast, Oats. Should I remove these completely??