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Thread: Are Chiropractic Neck Adjustments Safe??

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    Are Chiropractic Neck Adjustments Safe??

    Chiropractic Neck Adjustments Safe??

    ive been having neck adjustments every other day for a few weeks since i started seeing a chiropractor. ive recently uncovered some stuff online about safety issues regarding these adjustments. i asked the doc and he said that for a person my age, in good shape the risk is pretty much non-existant, and even for higher-risk factor persons it's still very low. like 1 in 5 million or less.

    still it scares me... how many of ya'll get your neck's adjusted. is it really safe? I don't want to have a stroke.
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    One of my good buddies is a Chiropractor. I let him adjust my neck everytime he's in town. He always gives us free adjustments, it feels great.

    It's perfectly safe. I know the kind of schooling he went through to be where he is. I've had Chiropractors fix problems that M.D.'s couldn't fix.

    As long as you're going to a real, trained chiropractor, it's fine.

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    Why are you seeing the chiro every other day?

    What is the original injury?

    Have you been to a specialist?

    For me It really depends on the chiropractor, I've had some where I gotten significant relief, and one where I experienced dramatically increased pain.
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    he's just getting everything adjusted. after the first few weeks ill go a lot less.


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