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Thread: How to get motivated again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock
    I stood in the elevator today...all alone..."pling"...a woman walks in....I see her eyeballing me in the mirror...all of the sudden I feel her tits on my left arm.

    Tits on a left arm in an elevator on a thursday morning.

    Now thats something.

    BodyBuilding is the Rulorz.
    Wow! i wish that happened to me
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    Lift for gains,not glory.Control your ego and the weight

    What a strong girl! This leads me to believe you can severly injure most of the male population-Nick Hatfield

    You're blazing white hot,anyone ever tell you that? Sometimes i think you have fingers faster then Superman when it comes to posts on WBB forums.
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    Between a girls ties!
    I am sure we can arrange that.

    All we need is an elevator, a morning, me and you and about 30seconds hehe
    A big thanks to all my friends in the USA, I am deeply grateful for your hospitality and kindness.

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    Keep reading these forums on how lifting changed people lifes for the better that should keep you motivated.


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