From the age of 16 up until I was 25 I was very motivated in living healthy and working out. I ate good foods, worked out often. I always stayed around 8-11% body fat.

Recently, about the last year and half I have lost all motivation to eat healthy and to work out. I've lost all my muscle, I've gained about 70 pounds, I've gone up about 4 pants sizes. I'm completely dissatisfied with my body. I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore. However, every time I start eating healthy and working out again, I go back to eating pizza and taco bell every night and just sitting on my couch all day long after work watching TV.

I really want to get my spark back to get back into shape, does anyone have any sources or words of encouragement that you use when you're not motivated anymore to go to the gym and to stay/get into shape?