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    20 ks for charity

    just came up with the idea of rowing 20 kilometers on an ergo for charity as part of my Personal Best Achievement Project at school.

    The aim is to get the local news papaer involved and a few sponsors.

    Why Im doing this? The benefit would be huge for me, I could finally finish off the last of my fat reserves in my body, and gain insane fitness in the process.

    I will make the Headmaster quite a happy chap with the advertisement the school would get, wich means more money for rowing, so i get big new shiny boats when Im in the seniors.

    and oh yeah, money for a charity, Ill have to pick one...

    Currently I am doing 6kms
    Strarting 7th August I will complete 5 10km ergos weekly, for 2 weeks
    then I will rise up by 2 ks every week, until I reach 20.

    The big 20 will be done one the 27th of September, hope fully I could get a reporter there and a group of supporters, its gonna be very long and painful.

    Better get started...
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