Hey I have had this question on my mind for a few weeks and this seems like a good place to ask it. I have been weight lifting off and on for the last couple of years, and have recently decided to get serious about gym time, but I want to know if this is overdoing it. My new routine consists of about 28 sets per workout. All sets of 5 start with 12 reps and gradually increase weight and decrease reps to about 7.

Day 1 includes Chest and Tri's:
5x bench press (I rotate incline, decline, level)
5x dumbbell or machine fly
5x machine press or dumbbell press
5x dips
8x various tricep exercises
(might do 4x abs)

Day 2 is Back and Bi's
5x Assisted Chin-up
5x seated row
5x Lateral pull down
5x dumb bell row
8x various bicep exercises
4x lower back exercises
(might do 6x abs)

Day 3 is shoulders and some back
5x military press (rotate barbell and dumbbell)
5x dumbbell raises
5x dumbell shrugs
5x various trap exercises
(might do 4x abs)

I then take 1-2 days off rest and restart. I am not working legs for the short term because I have tendinitis in my foot and it is not healed yet. When it is healed, I will insert a leg workout for days 2 and 4, making this a 5 day workout plan, plus rest. I normally warm up with a bike ride to the gym, or a warm up on the bike machines at the gym. I'm not sure exactly how long my exercise visits take, but probably about an hour and a half. As you can see, for the most part it is 20 sets of the large muscle for that day, and then 8 for the supporting. By the time I get into the 15th set for a muscle group, I am pretty tired. This routine only made me "sore" for the first week or 2, and now I do not get sore at all. I am a smaller guy (155 pounds, 5'7"), and do not lift a whole lot of weight for each set, but by the time I do the last set or 2 with 7-8 reps, I am fatigued for that exercise.

So my main question is, is this a good routine? Is it ok to have this many sets? Any advice is greatly appreciated!