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Thread: Half way through cutting - advice please

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    Half way through cutting - advice please

    Hello guys and girls of wbbf,

    I posted here a long while ago now, I think it was around Febuary... I was about 14 stone back then and it took me until mid may to get off my ass and find a GYM and start Kick Boxing classes.

    I think the main thing I should mention here is kick boxing has changed my life, I no longer play computer games and watch television all day... I spar with a friend, have a kick boxing back in the garden and train to get into the best shape I can for my classes when I want to do as well as possible.

    To date I have lost 20 pounds, I now weigh 12 stone 4 pounds. My current aim is to cut to around 11 stone 7 and then begin properly weight lifting and working hard on getting my strength up. At the moment due to cutting it is all cardio and toning type things.

    I am eating:
    Two Eggs for breakfast (I eat the yolks as well, any one disagree with this?)
    140g of Tuna for lunch in whole meal roll

    I drink:
    Orange Juice 1/2 pint,
    2/3 litres of water a day,
    tea 1 cup a day,
    Milk 1/2 pint,

    Things I have 100% Cut out include:
    White Bread - I did cut out ALL bread... but I got told I need at least some carbs through bread or rice... oops! Which is better to eat? Bread or rice by the way?
    Choclate and Sweets
    All Fizzy Drinks

    As for my Routine:
    3 days per a week

    Abs based:
    40 crunches - hold 2 and release
    40 sit ups - hands on chest
    40 sit ups - Each Shoulder to oposing knee

    Arm based:
    20 - Diamond Press Ups
    20 - Wide Arm Press Ups
    20 - Arms right at side press ups
    20 - Planks
    20 - Inverted Planks

    Leg based
    20 - Muay Thai Squats
    20 - Standard Squats
    20 - Star Jumps
    20 - Spin Jump
    20 - Tuck Jump

    20 minutes running
    20 minutes cycling
    1000 metres rowing
    25 minutes throwing combos on the punch bag

    1 hour kick boxing class
    2 days per week

    10 minutes intense cardio - sprinting, inter-walking, jumping, you get the idea
    10 minutes conditioning - usually around 100 sit ups, 40 press ups, 40 squat
    10 minutes stretching - Stretching muscles in your legs and arms (you get the idea)
    15 minutes line work - Usually kicking, punching combinations or bag work
    15 minutes Sparring - (3 x 3 minute rounds) Full contact 50% power sparring

    Basically I am looking to really push myself now I want to lose around 12 pounds in 8 weeks, and am wondering if any one can comment on my eating or training habbits that will help me cut down quicker or in a more healthy mannor.

    I just really want to say thanks in advance an emphasise how much such an easy to do thing as exercising and kick boxing has changed my life for the better.
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