hey im jay...im 19...around 5 7, 169...uh roughly 14-15% bodyfat...i got back into lifting early last year and lifted consistantly i went from 117 to about 155 until around november when i went on vacation for 2 months down in puerto rico...i lost 10 lbs there not even trying, i ate all the time yet i still shedded weight...then in jan i started lifting only i didnt have the drive i used to...i lifted around 2-4 days a week yet i seen better gains bulk wise not like pure muscle or anything...then since the beginning of june ive lifted like twice...so ive lost muscle and my weight has refluctuated...just need some input on where im at and what i could do routine wise...measurements are waist 31 inches, chest 42 inches...arms-14.4 inches