This happens to me everytime.. naturally my body likes to stick to around 12-14% bf. Its kinda my metabolic set point.

Right now I've dieted down to under 9-10%.. and now have gotten a virus.. sore throat, headaches, sore eyes, etc. and the last time this happened was back in june. My bodyfat at the time, under 9%. My body seems to pick up a virus everytime I get to this bodyfat level and it blows everything for me physically and mentally. What did I do last time to counter this? ate like a pig for a week, got out of the virus but gained some unwanted fat.
So now tonight I lay in bed at 12:30.. bad case of insomnia for about an hour and a half and I start totally CRAVING ice cream. I normally have a strong self-will.. but I'm naturally craving ice cream and nothing else because of the soothing affect ice cream has on a sore throat. I fought off this temptation for about 30 min and until finally going nuts.. would have helped if I could have just gotten to sleep but nooo stupid virus.. so I come down stairs and crack open the Nestle Belgian Chocolate Ice cream.. tuttut

After I eat all I can I eat tonight, I need slapped back into gear for tomorrow guys. Help.

On a side note - does anyone else find their more prone to viruses and other forms of sickness when reaching a lower body fat than their bodies are used to? cause I'm really starting to think this was my problem.