I watched 30 Days

The episode was a guy trying an anti-ageing program. 100 of test a week, and daily shots of HGH. He was also put on something like 20 pills of other supplements. To be safe he put some sperm in the bank. He had a count of 80 million.

After a few weeks, he started to have some liver disfunction. The GP that was looking over his health said that it was probably the testosterone. The anti-ageing doc said that it was definitely not the testosterone.

He asked the 'pro-bodybuilder' (And I'm sure he had taken his fair share of test) that the reason was probably the 20 some pills he was taking a day. Made sense to me.

In his 3rd week he was getting angry easily (Which I don't understand, especially at the small doses he was getting). It almost seemed as though he was just trying to 'act' the part. He went to get his sperm checked again, and the doctor told him he was shooting blanks. There were about 1 million sperm, but all dead.

So...what would've caused the drop in sperm count in your opinion? Anyone seen this episode? Pretty interesting how one doctor (The GP) talks like testosterone deficiency isn't something that needs to be taking care of, but the anti-ageing doc gave a great comment "You have low insulin, you give yourself insulin, you have thyroid problems you fix it...why not with testosterone or HGH?"