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Thread: Adding deadlifts

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    Adding deadlifts

    im doing a push/pull/legs routine and my question is i do stiff leg deadlifts for hamstrings on wednesdays and i workout back on mondays. if i wanted to add deadlifts to my back workout would this be ok? should i stop doing stiff leg on wednesday and just add curls or move legs to friday?

    here is my routine

    reverse grip shoulder width pulldowns
    barbell rows pulled to upper abs
    stiff arm pulldowns
    barbell curls
    hammer curls
    wrist curls

    front squats
    leg extensions
    stiff leg deadlifts
    lying leg curls
    standing calf raises
    seated calf raises

    bench press
    dumbbell incline press
    hammer strength decline press
    dumbbell seated press
    side dumbbell laterals
    military press
    close bench press
    lying barbell extensions

    2 working sets per exercise

    i would take stiff arm pulldowns out and put deadlifts first in the workout then pulldowns then rows.

    thanks for all the help in advance.

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    I do 4 sets of 5-7 on back day and 2 sets of 6-8 on leg day. Throw them in on both days and see how it goes. I have never done deads until about 3 weeks ago and I am hooked.
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    i figured it would be overkill but does anyone else do 2 style of deadlifts a week??

    thanks for your advice i may try that and see how it goes

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    I do rack pulls, RDLs, and I'm about to throw conventional deads back into the mix
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